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2010 Spring Flood Risk Map

This map from NOAA indicates our area is at above-average risk for significant flooding if we experience any heavy spring rains.

As we slowly crawl out from under a very active winter season, Nockamixon Township is part of a large area of the MidAtlantic region of the United States that is currently listed as Above Average for the chance of significant river flooding for the spring. The 2010 National Hydrologic Assessment from NOAA indicates:

“Well above average precipitation across the South and MidAtlantic from October to current, ranging above 150% (of average) across a broad area, has led to nearly saturated soil. A very active southern stream in the atmosphere has produced repeated moisture-laden storm systems, which have left the soils nearly saturated and eliminated much of any lingering drought (areas).

The same active weather pattern brought heavy amounts of precipitation—and in some cases, record snowfall—to portions of the MidAtlantic. The snow cover ranges to as much as 20 to 30 inches deep, with nearly 6 inches of water held in the snow. Any additional rainfall will exacerbate this situation and ensure elevated streamflows for several more months. A sudden warm-up with rain can cause a rapid melt and enhance flooding potential. These factors combine to produce an above-average risk of flooding this Spring.

Across this region, heavy rainfall is the primary factor that leads to river flooding. Heavy rainfall can cause river flooding any time of the year.”