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MetEd Outage Map

The yellow stars represent all the power outages in the MetEd service area.

Two representatives from MetEd are telling us that many, if not most people in Nockamixon should have their power back by end of day Friday, with the remainder done by end of the weekend. Be advised this is an ESTIMATE only, based on their best knowledge of the existing damage to lines, debris that must be removed before trucks can get in to make those repairs, and the order in which service can be SAFELY restored backing off each of the six substations that serve our communities.


Happy Halloween, such as it is. The township has not called off the official Halloween Trick or Treating — it’s still going on from 4:00-8:00PM today.

TRICK OR TREAT: Parents, please use common sense in accompanying small children and only allowing other kids to trick or treat in areas where the roads are safe, meaning ones you KNOW don’t have downed wires or trees that pose an injury hazard. PLEASE DON’T DRIVE OR WALK UNDER TREES LEANING OR HANGING OVER ROADS OR WALKWAYS! There is no treat so wonderful that it’s worth risking your life or those of your children. Though we understand it’s more fun to trick or treat when it’s dark and spooky, this year it might be better to do so while it’s still light enough to see so you don’t accidentally walk into a dangerous situation. Spooky is good, but safe is better. This real-life situation is scary enough.

POWER OUTAGES: Our entire area south of I-78 continues to be without power, about 8,000 customers. Our MetEd dedicated rep here in the EOC tells us that all six substations are out. As with all other power companies, MetEd is estimating 7-10 days from date of outage for restoration. This is NOT due to being under-prepared as it was last time. It’s due to the fact that Sandy was simply an unprecedentedly large and damaging storm. There are only so many work crews to go around, and they can only start working after downed trees have been cleared. After that, safety protocol requires that they work backward from the failed substations, so if you’re toward the end of the line on your grid, unfortunately you’ll be one of the last to have power restored.

EMERGENCY SHELTER: Palisades High School at 35 Church Hill Road in Kintnersville continues to serve as our area’s emergency shelter. If your home is getting too cold or dark or otherwise uncomfortable to stay in, you can go to the shelter. They are providing overnight cots (bring your own pillows and bedding); cold lunches and hot dinners; water and hot coffee; hot showers (brig your own toiletries and towels); and pet shelter — bring your own pet food and meds; small animals MUST be brought in in carriers (cardboard box will do) and all dogs must be leashed. It’s helpful if you can show vaccination papers but you won’t be turned away if you don’t have them. You will be able to stay with your pet if you wish, or you can leave them in the inside shelter area a few hallways away from the human sleeping area.

FOOD SUPPLIES: St. Luke’s Lutheran Church has been graciously and generously supplying the shelter with food. Those supplies are now running low at this time, and could really use replenishment. Since many residents are likely nearing the end of their refrigerator and freezer staying capacity without power, we suggest that if you have excess food that’s reaching its perishable date and you can’t use it all yourself please consider donating it to the kitchen at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church on Church Hill Road in Kintnersville. Your neighbors and we thank you.

Nockamixon Township Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Macfarlan announces that as of 9:00 am today, the Nockamixon EMA emergency operations center has been open and the agency activated. Resident information and rumor control can be contacted at 610-847-5058. 

Those needing to evacuate their homes can go to the emergency shelter at Palisades High School at 35 Church Hill Road in Kintnersville. Shelter numbers for Red Cross volunteers in charge are:

8 am – 8 pm: 215-499-0552

8 pm – 8 am: 215-350-6171

Parents are encouraged to make sure children have enough toys and other activities to keep them busy. Meals will be provided. Drinking water and ice will be provided after it arrives today. For those in homes without power, water and ice distribution is scheduled as follows: Drop ship from Bucks County to Nockamixon Township building today. EMA will coordinate distribution. Further details to come.

The shelter IS animal friendly, being staffed by volunteers from Bucks County Animal Response Team (BCART). People who wish to bring their pets will be able to stay with their pets or in very close proximity (pets will be housed inside) so they can check on them frequently. People may bring domestic pets only, no livestock. Those bringing small pets must have them in a carrier (cardboard box is fine) and dogs of any size must be leashed. Pet owners are responsible for providing their own pet food, medications and bedding. There are a limited number of crates available for large dogs.

It’s beginning to look as though heaviest rain bands will be over central PA and in Bucks County, it will be more of  an extreme wind event. Sandy continues to strengthen with a current central pressure of 943 mb — an amazing record for this latitude.

Nockamixon EMA will be updating its website at; its Facebook profile at Nockamixon Emergency-Management, and its Facebook page at Nockmixon Emergency Management Agency. Breaking updates will be sent out via its Twitter stream @NoxEMAwxComm.

MetEd customer call centers will be staffed 24/7. Customers without power are encouraged to call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) to report their outage or click the “Report Outage” link on Customers should immediately report downed wires to their electric company or local police or fire department. Customers should never go near a downed line, even if they think it’s no longer carrying electricity.

MetEd customers can get updates on our storm preparation efforts, outages, restoration process and tips for staying safe through the 24/7 Power Center at They also provide updates via Twitter, @Met_Ed.

Please stay tuned for further updates.


Above is the latest 5-day precipitation forecast for our area. Now is a good time to go over your family’s emergency plan and to stock up on any needed supplies. Monitor our Twitter feed (@NoxEMAwxComm) and our Facebook page for any breaking news and alerts. Stay tuned to your local TV and radio news and weather stations for updates on the progress of the storm.