Afternoon Update – 10/31/12: Power Restoration

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Post-Storm conditions, Power Outages/Restoration
MetEd Outage Map

The yellow stars represent all the power outages in the MetEd service area.

Two representatives from MetEd are telling us that many, if not most people in Nockamixon should have their power back by end of day Friday, with the remainder done by end of the weekend. Be advised this is an ESTIMATE only, based on their best knowledge of the existing damage to lines, debris that must be removed before trucks can get in to make those repairs, and the order in which service can be SAFELY restored backing off each of the six substations that serve our communities.

  1. mcdyck says:

    We have 2 high voltage wires down across our driveway @ 409 Marienstein Road, (150 feet down our driveway)! A large tree knocked them down and will need to removed. Please do not energize the lines before this addressed. This is a grave danger.

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