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As of 3:00 PM today, according to our update from MetEd:

Superstorm Sandy Outages
  • Current Outages: Williams- 5
    Durham- 9
    Bridgeton- 10
    Nockamixon- 38
    Tinicum- 446
  • MetEd expects to have everyone in Bucks County back in power tonight at Midnight.
  • Please make sure that you did report any power outage during this event so they can track accordingly who is still out of power at this time.
  • If you never reported to MetEd that your power was out, then they assume that you have power. So it’s very important that you report the outage and do not assume someone else did.
Nor’Easter Athena
  • We do have another weather system encroaching on our area at this time, with forecasts for varying levels of snow, sleet, rain and wind.
  • Please report any power new power outages if the lights should go out again to call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877)
Rumor Control

MYTH: Met-Ed is sending crews to New Jersey and New York.
TRUTH: Met-Ed line crews will stay in PA until all customers are restored. Once work is completed in one portion of their service area, they will shift crews to harder hit areas within Met-Ed’s region. But no line crews will be released to assist other communities affected by Hurricane Sandy until Met-Ed customers are restored. Other support functions – such as hazard responders – may be deployed sooner to other communities but only when their services are no longer needed here.

MYTH: Met-Ed customers could be without power for three weeks.
TRUTH: 95 percent of Met-Ed customers will be restored by midnight tonight, with the remainder restored early next week. Customers are getting confused by media reports of much longer outage times predicted for electric customers in New Jersey and New York.

MYTH: There are line trucks sitting around with personnel doing nothing.
FACT: Some of Met-Ed’s out-of-state crews travel in large contingents, including their own damage assessors and safety supervisors. Line trucks may be waiting for these “advance” and support crews to clear the way for them to safely begin the line work. Another scenario may be that an out-of-state crew is waiting for someone from Met-Ed to assist them with a job. For safety reasons, only specially trained individuals can take certain actions – such as throwing a switch that restores power to a line that had been de-energized. Met-Ed has established specific actions and communication protocols to make sure a line is not energized while some other crew – perhaps farther out on the circuit – is working on the line, exposing them to the possibility of electrocution. Met-Ed realized during the October 2011 snowstorm that, however necessary, this was a bottleneck for them and since then has trained many, many more people to safely perform this function.

  • Tinicum Elementary School is energized as of 5:30 PM today

The following screen shots were taken at 6:00 PM tonight:

Bucks County Outages – Riegelsville is at the top of this image. Curvy black line is the Delaware River.

Restoration Map 11-6-12

  • The small stars are single customers.
  • The larger stars are multiple customers in one area.
 This message is from Marc Troutman, MetEd’s external affairs manager:

As of 12:30 today

  • Line 660 – 224 customers out
  • Line 661 – 61 customers out

Top 10 assigned work tickets:

  • 14 circuits quarantined with staged restoration underway. All circuits except 606/661 will be removed from quarantine.
  • Extensive repairs underway in the Ottsville area
  • Some customers will remain out until tomorrow morning (less than 250).

This is an area shot of First Energy folks still Out of Power From New Jersey to Ohio to West Virginia:


If you believe that MetEd thinks your power has been restored but it hasn’t, you MUST re-report the outage.

As of 4:00 pm today:

Schools & Shelter
  • Palisades School District Superintendent Bridget O’Connell is cautiously optimistic that Tinicum school will be open tomorrow.
  • Ice truck is still there, but today’s the last day it’s open for showers and hot meals. Shelter closed last night.
  • All the MREs are gone.
  • An update will go out from the school about going back to normal busing routes.
  • State Police are pretty much back to normal but will patrol the shelter areas and staging area for repair trucks until no longer needed.
MetEd – Power Restoration
  • Ferndale just had a bunch of people energized but still has 120 out.  11 Ferndale customers still out on 76 line.
  • 60 out in Bridgeton. Bridgeton sub-station just went up. Still has 168 out on 116, 17 out on River circuit 117
  • Ottsville still has 359 out. The majority of those remaining will come back online with Tinicum school by tomorrow morning. Actually may go back on by 4 pm today.
  • MetEd is expecting less than 500 customers still out by midnight tonight. Tomorrow morning, they have enough crews to cover 500 work tickets at one ticket each, so everyone should come back online tomorrow.
  • Durham is still out. They’re still assessing and because they’re on the end of that line, they’ll probably be last to be restored. Tomorrow
  • PUC will be talking with head of MetEd tomorrow so they’re expecting to have it all done.
  • If people need help cutting trees and clearing debris, VOAD has team resources to send. In order to make those requests, contact township and we’ll relay message to our representative.
We’re expecting one more update yet this evening and will pass it on here as it comes through.

As of 8:00 PM this evening, this is the latest from MetEd on electric power restoration efforts:

  • 75 Line Crews and 48 Forestry Crews working in Bucks County continue concentrating on Bridgeton, Ottsville, Tinicum and Durham.
  • There were no quarantined circuits now in Bucks County.
  • Tinicum Elementary School is on track to be energized tomorrow.
The following circuits will be worked:
  • Working the 4.8kv/13,2 kv circuits out of Durham, Bridgeton, TInicum
  • Bridgeton and Raubsvile substations are now energized.
  • Raubsville Sub 79 Circuit Riegelsville was energized tonight @ 6:00 PM (100% Restored)
  • Ottsville Sub – Picking up more customers off of BackBone; remainder to be restored tomorrow and Wednesday
  • Bridgeton Sub – Energizing sections of the 116 circuit (Chestnut Ridge) and 117 Circuit (River); remainder to be restored tomorrow and Wednesday
Line Progress:
  • 839 Energized – (Ferndale Sub to Ottsville sub)
  • 871 Energized – (Ferndale – Ottsville sub)
  • 77 – 60% today, 100% Tuesday (Ferndale Sub)
  • 76 ENERGIZED 100% (Ferndale Sub)
  • 78 ENERGIZED 100% (Ferndale Sub)
  • 116 – 50% to be energized today; remainder Tuesday (Bridgeton Sub)
  • 117 – 50% to be energized today; remainder Tuesday (Bridgeton Sub)
  • Ottsville Substation is now Energized.
    • 660 line is 60% ENERGIZED; restored – Today
    • 661 line is 60% ENERGIZED; restored – last night to Delaware Firehouse. Headquarters Road; Tonight to Dark Hollow
  • It is estimated that 4,000 customers will be restored this Evening out of 6015 total customers in Bucks County.
  • Customers on the 4800kv/13200kv circuits may be picked up this late this evening also.
Shelter & Schools
  • Palisades schools and offices will be open Monday, November 5th at all locations except Tinicum Elementary School (there is no power at that location yet). Tuesday will be a regular school day at Tinicum.
  • As more people are getting power restored at home, shelter activities are winding down, but as long as there is a need for warmth, food, water and a place to stay, the emergency shelter will remain open.
  • With classes resuming, shelter activities have been moved.  The Red Cross shelter is now set up in the Gold Gym at Palisades High School, and showers and dinner will be available at Palisades Middle School from 5-9PM.
  • Ice and water will also continue to be available at PALMS.
Power Restoration

According to our morning briefing from MetEd on their restoration plan for today:

  • 75 Line Crews and 48 Forestry Crews are now working in Bucks County.
  • Crews today are concentrating on Ottsville, Ferndale, Tinicum, Durham and Riegelsville.
  • After initial assessment, there were 14 quarantined circuits in Bucks County; now there are 5.
  • The Durham and Riegelsville areas were particularly devastated by Sandy’s winds. Not only were lines damaged, but three areas of the substation were destroyed. These have been repaired overnight.
  • The feed line coming into Bridgeton from New Jersey has been significantly compromised, presented particular repair issues near the River.
  • Current estimate for restoration for these areas are tonight.
  • Raubsville is now online. If you are in that area and still experiencing outage, please report them to MetEd immediately at 1-888-LIGHTSS or 1-888-544-4877. Please give your street address, the number on the nearest utility pole, and as much description as possible about the location and the issue. If you witness a line on fire, call that report in to 911 immediately.
  • Restoration was begun in Ottsville on Saturday and at 9:00 am today had about 50% restoration complete. Estimates are that by today’s end, that will be up to 85% complete.
  • 50% of Bucks County MetEd customers have now been restored to power.
  • IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: Please continue to assume all power lines are now live. Report any downed or damaged lines immediately.

Ready Notify PA graphic

The following report includes most Upper Bucks communities, including Nockamixon Township:

  • The state of emergency will be extended for the duration of power disruption.
  • This emergency event has proven the usefulness of the PA Ready Notify community alert system. Those who have signed up with this free service on their cell phones have received helpful and timely notifications regarding important information to help them navigate and recover from the storm. We urge all residents to sign up to receive ReadyNotify PA messages, too. Sign up here.
Schools and Shelter
  • The large generator at the High School emergency shelter is having issues, so they’re back on the small generator they’d been running on earlier.
  • There will be classes in the Palisades School District tomorrow. They have sent out their own message with more details today. All schools except Tinicum Elementary will be open, and that school’s classes will be relocated to Nockamixon until that facility is back on line.
  • An average of 1,000 people are now using the shelter each day for some service offered there.
  • The shelter is relocating from the purple to the gold gym as the schools once again start being used for classes. This will create limited hours for public showers.
  • Water tankers and other trailer rigs will be moved to the Middle School parking lot to allow for cars to use the High School lots for parking.
  • MetEd will be sending more water to the shelter tomorrow.
  • The Red Cross will be running the shelter for as long as its services are needed by our residents.
  • 500 Cleanup kits have been distributed as of 10 am today.
  • Showers and food are still available at the shelter.
  • Red Cross caseworkers will be assisting the two families in our community whose homes were destroyed by the storm.
Power Restoration

Overall, these are the estimated times of restoration for the following communities:

  • Bridgeton – by Tuesday
  • Durham – by Tuesday
  • Nockamixon – Today through tomorrow
  • Riegelsville – Today through Tuesday
  • Tinicum – Late today through Wednesday

Those who are running generators and will be switching back over to grid power should make sure they know how to do so safely. If there are questions, call MetEd to ask what to do.

Following is the latest report from MetEd on restoration of power in our township:

As of midnight last night, MetEd state and ad hoc crews have restored service to more than 240,000 of the 270,000 total customers who originally lost power — approximately 90 percent of their total affected customers. Their restoration plan remains on track to have full restoration very early this coming week. They  have more than 2,000 workers involved in the restoration — about triple the size of their normal workforce –and continue to work those crews around the clock in shifts of 16 hours on and 8 hours of rest. A few numbers regarding today’s resource allocation:

  • MetEd continues to use the staging site at Nockamixon State Park to support work in Bucks, Northampton, Monroe and Pike counties.
  • ETR (Estimated Time of Restoration): In the hard-hit areas around Boyertown, Reading, Hamburg, Bucks County, Easton and Stroudsburg, the remaining customers will be restored to service early next week. The company has analyzed their damage assessment results and identified those areas that remain without power. Updated ETRs for those customers will continue to be made as restoration continues.
  • Major restoration activity started Tuesday morning after high winds subsided to a safe level. To date, MetEd workers have replaced nearly 400 broken poles along with over 1,300 cross arms. They have replaced or repaired nearly 2,000 spans of wire and installed more than 225 transformers. In addition, workers continue to deal with a large number of trees impacting their facilities and are at a point in time where a significant amount of repair is needed for each outage order that many times involves a small number of customers. That being said, they continue to execute their restoration plan and will not stop until all customers are back in service. There may be confusion in some of the communities closer to the Delaware River regarding rumors of a three-week restoration period, but MetEd assures us that three weeks is NOT the restoration time for any MetEd customer.
  • Priority continues to be placed on critical customers such as medical facilities and shelters, along with state, county and local officials on polling locations. This restoration plan will allow them to make sure problems are avoided for Election Day on Tuesday.
  • Customers can still receive one bag of ice and two gallons of water at no charge at any Giant Food Store, Redner or Redner Quick Shoppe or at select emergency response facilities throughout the MetEd service territory. Customers should also feel free to take advantage of shelters set up in their areas.
  • It is vital that anyone who has NOT reported their outage do so at 1-888-LIGHTSS or 1-888-544-4877.
  • Now that some lines have been energized, assume that any downed line is live and extremely dangerous, and report it immediately.