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© Damianpalus | Stock Free Images

© Damianpalus | Stock Free Images

Our area was fortunate not to experience any major impact from the last two coastal storm systems, and with today’s changeover to Daylight Savings Time, it’s tempting to assume the worst of the winter weather is over. We hope the same, but it’s a bit early for that. Historically, it’s not unusual for our region to experience major snowstorms with significant snowfall right through April.

In fact, there is a messy system moving through the Midwest right now that’s bringing rainy and some severe weather in the south and wet, freezing precipitation to the north. We’re wise to keep our eyes on that, though it isn’t forecast to significantly impact our area at this time. If that changes, we’ll be monitoring it and let you know.

Meanwhile, the major dangers at this time of year are flooding due to major rainfalls on ground that may still be frozen, and melting ice on ponds, streams and lakes that can pose risks to those walking on the surface. A visual inspection of Lake Nockamixon this morning revealed rapid melting of surface ice, meaning ice fishing season is effectively over and parents should caution children to stay off any remaining iced-over ponds. Temperatures are expected to warm steadily over the coming week, which will likely dissolve any remaining ice very quickly.

We wish you a safe and happy springtime.