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FERNDALE, PA – 3/10/13 – Nockamixon Township Emergency Management has been notified of a situation we’d like to bring to the attention of our community’s residents. We’re passing along this alert from Marc Troutman of Met-Ed. Please share widely:

It has come to my attention that there are individuals in the Monroe/Pike County area reportedly going door to door, identifying themselves as Met-Ed and asking to see the customer’s electric bill. In one particular case, the customers were elderly and the perpetrators claimed they were checking to see if they were receiving all the discounts seniors are entitled to. I cannot say if they requested entry for sure or what their scheme is. It may or may not be limited to the Monroe/Pike County Area, therefore I am forwarding the points below:

– Met-Ed reps do not go door to door.

– Met-Ed does not ask to enter a house unless there is an inside meter.

– Met-Ed employees and contractors wear a photo ID badge. If someone claims to be a Met-Ed employee, ask to see it.

– Met-Ed vehicles are clearly marked.

If someone approaches you and says they are a Met-Ed rep, check for photo ID and marked vehicle. If the person’s response is suspicious, deny them entry and call Met-Ed at 1-800-545-7741 to find out if they are working in the area.

If you feel immediately threatened, call 911 to report suspicious activity.


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